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Status Report 1993

Full, scanned version of the Status Report.

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ZEUS Collaboration

Manitoba, McGill, Toronto, York

Bonn, DESY, DESY-Zeuthen, Freiburg,
Hamburg(I), Hamburg(II), Jülich, Siegen

Tel-Aviv, Weizmann Institute

Bologna, Cosenza, Florence, Frascati,
Padua, Rome, Turin(I), Turin(II)

Tokyo-INS, Tokyo-Metropolitan


The Netherlands

Cracow, Warsaw



Bristol, Glasgow, London(IC), London(UC),
Oxford, Rutherford
United Kingdom

Argonne, Brookhaven, Columbia, Iowa, Luisiana, Ohio State,
Pennsylvania State, Santa Cruz, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

Editor Uwe Holm

February 1993

HTML Edition Wojtek Bogusz (LaTeX2HTML by Nicos Drakos)

But the mind of man is not, like Fourier's heated body, continually settling down into an ultimate state of quiet uniformity, the character of which we can already predict; it is rather like a tree, shooting out branches which adapt themselves to the new aspects of the sky towards which they climb, and roots which contort themselves among the strange strata of the earth into which they delve. To us who breathe only the spirit of our own age, and know only the characteristics of contemporary thought, it is as impossible to predict the general tone of the science of the future as it is anticipate the particular discoveries which it will make.

Physical research is continually revealing to us new features of natural processes, and we are thus compelled to search for new forms of thought appropriate to these features. Hence the importance of a careful study of these relations between Mathematics and Physics which determine the conditions under which the ideas derived from one department of physics may be safely used in forming ideas to be employed in a new department.

J. C. M. (1870)

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Wojtek Bogusz